Back together and enjoying life

At last! ÁbacoClub members could get together and meet old friends and make new ones. Sofia Zajac from ÁbacoClub describes a memorable outing to one of Torrevieja’s hidden treasures, the vineyards of La Mata.

It’s been a long time coming but finally ÁbacoClub members were able to resume activities and enjoy a special event in the beautiful setting of La Mata’s salt lake. What a perfect environment in which to find out about local vineyards and spend some time sampling the produce from the very place where the grapes are grown.

‘It was marvellous to see people again’, explains Sofia. ‘We really have missed our live events and getting chance to meet up in person’. There was no doubt that the ÁbacoClub members who took part were very happy to be there. Many veteran participants were there to welcome the newer members too.

‘It was great to see how the two groups mixed together. Our experienced event attendees were keen to share their stories of the activities we’ve held in the past and hope to re-schedule again in the future’, says Sofia. The event had been organized by Sofia and ÁbacoClub in conjunction with QtalGourmet. QtalGourmet has hosted other events for ÁbacoClub and the two work closely together on finding new ways to entertain, enlighten and do some cultural sharing.

Meeting up

Everyone met up in the car park near the cemetery at the entrance to the natural park in La Mata. It’s a peaceful and scenic setting so close to Torrevieja and yet very much retaining the feeling of being off the beaten track.

Hilarión Pedauyé, the vineyard manager, is passionate about his work and was keen to welcome everyone and share his love of grape-growing and wine-making. The weather had looked a little unpredictable, but participants were relieved that everything could go ahead as planned. ‘There was a little light drizzle but nothing that would stop us’, says Sofia. For the rest of the time the rain held off and, true to form, the sun came out too.

‘What was so heartening’, says Sofia, ‘was that everyone was really keen to find out more about the background to this amazing vineyard which they probably pass many times during the year. Sometimes people can get the idea that the only thing foreigners are interested in is the Spanish weather. Our clients showed that there is far more to it than this and they were hungry for any information that our host could provide’.

A special bodega

The bodega of Sonrejos, Torrelamata offers an assortment of wines including white (blanco), rosado (rosé), tinto (red) and espumoso (sparkling). The grapes that are used to produce these wines include the Moscatel and Monastrell varieties. The wines are also classified according to the aging process. Crianza means that they must have been aging for a minimum of 24 months; reserva red wines for at least 36 months and gran reserva red wines have a 60 month minimum aging period.

The vineyard is a very special project for many reasons. One of which includes the fact that it combines two environments that are not usually found together. Salt lakes and wine growing are not generally associated with each other but on the edge of La Mata laguna they form the perfect combination and complement one another beautifully.
Sampling the goods

After hearing the background to wine growing in this area, the ÁbacoClub members were eager to try a little of the final product. For everyone taking part, wine connoisseur or not, the wine proved to be a real treat and was enjoyed along with some carefully selected cheeses.

The verdict? A perfect day out. Sofia and her team are keen to organize more events in the new year and are already putting together some ideas. It is expected that forthcoming events will be held outdoors and, of course, will comply with all health and safety recommendations.

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