Grand Opening – Making more of Spain with ÁbacoClub

There are few things in this life that truly come for free. However, if you are already a client of Ábaco’s, and to receive this magazine you must be, then you can now enjoy the benefits of our new club, exclusive to you.

In our 20th year we wanted to do something special to show just how much we appreciate the loyal clients who have continued to use our services throughout the years. We’d had in mind a special club for our clients for some time but coming into our third decade gave us an additional nudge forward.

We asked you first

We know how important it is to check out first what people want. We were delighted by the response to our questionnaire that showed that Ábaco clients were keen to contribute their ideas. Altogether we had 1,201 responses most of which agreed that trips and visits were at the top of the agenda when it came to the events and activities you’d like.

Spanish language classes, wine tasting, festivals and fiestas, food tours and cooking courses were other popular activities that both resident and non-resident clients suggested they would like to take part in.

We also asked what services you would like help with. At the top of the list for both residents and non-residents was the internet and telephones. After that, there were differences. Residents wanted help with Imserso, electrical good suppliers and opticians and non-residents with vehicle rental and airport parking. Both groups were interested in help with home improvements.

We also discovered that your favourite months for visiting Spain were October and May and that you like Spain for its lifestyle most of all. With these and many other of the ideas you gave us we began to firm up the plans for our ÁbacoClub.

The purpose of ÁbacoClub

The aim behind ÁbacoClub is ‘Taking care of your lifestyle in Spain’ and we are planning to provide free and subsidised additional services for our clients. If you already subscribe to our tax service then you are automatically a member and by registering and picking up your card, you will have access to all the benefits the club has to offer.

Subsidised services
We have been working with different organisations to secure beneficial agreements that mean you can have discounted services including greatly reduced trips and visits to places of interest in Spain.

Free activities and events

The majority of what we are offering will be completely free. The monthly activities will include opportunities for Spanish language get-togethers, wine tasting, food tours and cooking demonstrations. All the things you’ve told us that you would like from your very own club.

Two months to focus on

During the popular months of May and October we will be arranging opportunities for you to meet up with the Ábaco team taking part in a number of different activities including talks, workshops and musical opportunities.

Our launch

You may already know lots of detail about our club because you came to one of the two events organised to launch it. On Monday November 25th and Wednesday November 27th we welcomed club members to Club Náutico in Torrevieja and Hotel La Zenia in Orihuela Costa to celebrate our new ÁbacoClub.

We were delighted by the number of people who attended and the response that we received to this new initiative. Sofia Zajac led the event and explained more about the origins of the club and its purpose. There was complimentary tapas and wine, and, of course, some soft drinks for those who were driving. If you weren’t able to attend these events, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways of finding out how to keep in touch.

To keep in touch

Many of the new opportunities are already out there and we have planned more to come. In the meantime, if you are yet to register you can do so online via the Clubs website and pick up the ÁbacoClub card from our offices or at the next event you may assist to with the ÁbacoClub.

You’ll find news about events on our Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram and through our dedicated ÁbacoClub Magazine which will be out in March and August. Perhaps the quickest way to receive information is via @AbacoClubEsp and you can book activities and access promotions through your personal ÁbacoOnline account.

The next twenty years

Ábaco Advisers has always been keen to move with the times and develop better ways of working. The launch of our club is an exciting new prospect that we hope you agree will bring added value to our services as well as enabling you to enjoy your time in Spain even more.

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