Walking Tours – Playa Flamenca and Cabo Roig

Our activity at Orihuela Costa was such a great experience!

First we had tostadas to our own liking. They really made us feel at home. I totally recommend a visit and hint: THEIR TACOS ARE TO DIE FOR!! After a very nice breakfast, Marc, the owner at Makai Cafe (who is an official first aid instructor) taught us very interesting things about first aid, the most important having good will to help. That alone can save a life. He showed us how to use a portable CPR machine and the difference between cardiac arrest and a heart attack. And especially the importance of acting quick and recognizing symptoms such a shock for different reasons. Medical emergencies can happen every day, in any setting. People are injured in situations like falls or motor-vehicle accidents, or they develop sudden illnesses, such as heart attack or stroke.. More than 100,000 of these deaths are caused by sudden cardiac arrest.Given the large number of injuries and sudden illnesses that occur in Spain each year, it is possible that you might have to deal with an emergency situation someday. If you do, you should know who and when to call, what care to give and how to give that care until emergency medical help takes over. We will definitely do more of these courses in the future with him.

Afterwards, we enjoy a beautiful walk along the coast, between Playa Flamenca and Cabo Roib in Orihuela Costa. The day was sunny and with the clear views we could see up to the Manga del Mar Menor. The truth is that it relaxes a lot of walking along the coast, listening to the sea, seagulls and watching the boats navigate makes you forget about the routine, it makes you see how beautiful and wonderful everything is. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy this environment and these coastal landscapes.

I´m so happy we had the chance to get to know one another just a little bit more and look forward to more activities like this one.