First Spanish Conversation Class

On January 22nd, we had our first spanish conversation class at Lolyta Food & Coffee

it was such a great experience! We aren’t teaching formal grammar classes, these classes are to practice easy sentences to initiate simple conversations and to lose your fear of speaking Spanish.

We made “cheat sheets” where there were easy questions and phrases which could used in different situations such as when you meet someone or you want to order in a restaurant. The Abaco Club members were surprised that they could actually learn a little bit of Spanish in such an easy way. They ordered their own coffees and listened while others did the same and learned from other peoples’ answers or mistakes as well as how to pronunciate correctly. Everyone ended up losing their bashfulness and paricipating. We were all thrilled with the results.

In each class, we will do more of these easy excercises and eventually start a book club.

Between sentence and sentence, we enjoyed a really nice breakfast at the beautiful Lolyta Food & Coffee shop. We want to thank them for their hospitality.

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