Workshop about mobility and stability at Makai Café in Orihuela Costa

More movement = More mobility

Our first mobility class on the beach was really good. We stretched in every direction possible with our long sticks. They don’t let you cheat, they obligate you to stretch in places you forgot you could. We took it little by little but got the job done. On top of making our bodies move, we were out in the sunshine and filled our lungs with the fresh morning sea breeze. We must make the effort to gift our bodies with these small luxuries we are so lucky to have.

Afterwards, we had a nice, chatty breakfast at Makai Café. It is a really beautiful beach café in Orihuela Costa where I like to go because they take good care of us with their healthy fresh food and good atmosphere. As usual, I highly recommend it.

I have to thank everyone who came and made the day count. It is a pleasure to organize activities and see everyone so implicated and enjoying each little thing we do and making friends along the way.